Премиера на онлайн поредицата "Сам около света: от София до Борнео"

Премиера на онлайн поредицата "Сам около света: от София до Борнео"


In a series of short episodes, we will travel along with Viliyan Stefanov to explore Asia and discover the beauty of the world.
Willian travels alone and often changes cities with little-known villages and mountains, falls into difficult situations more than once but most importantly manages to capture the spirit of his journey so we can turn it into a video travel show for you. And what are the countries you are going to visit together with the traveller and what can you expect if you turn away from the tourist roads - watch online tomorrow!

Villian is one of those people who find it difficult to live in one place and prefer to replace the comfort of the city with the beauty of some peaceful wilderness. As a passionate traveler and lover of wildlife, he has repeatedly undertaken long trips around our country, documenting his adventures in 3 books and several episodes of a truly adventurous reality.

During his last major voyage around the world, he traveled across 7 countries in 103 days, aiming to travel mainly by land and water to discover new and unfamiliar places.

In the first episode of the series you will have the opportunity to follow his journey by train from Sofia to Istanbul, by boat across the Bosphorus, by bicycle along the southern Black Sea coast, the hikes in the mountains and the beauties of Cappadocia!

A link to the video will only be shared in a comment on the event after it has started. Enjoy watching!


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