Екипът на "All Inclusive" отново заедно за специална предпремиерна прожекция

Екипът на "All Inclusive" отново заедно за специална предпремиерна прожекция


In the fresh comedy series "All Inclusive" Eleni Decidis plays the role of the colorful Elitsa Hadzhikoseva - wife of a wealthy businessman from Plovdiv. She is proud of her husband and all that they have achieved. She always fuss about her life standard in front of others, and especially on social networks. She is constantly taking selfies to show off with her luxurious life on Instagram and Facebook. Although she is a mother, she actually accepts her daughter as a little doll, which should be her exact copy only that the child sometimes shocks her with her individualism.

Katerina Borisova, for her part, also finds herself in an atypical position. This time, instead of sitting on the director's chair, she is literally standing on the next one in the position of script supervisor that strictly observes the scenes and the film continuity.

The filming process took place in the spring and early summer of 2019 in two intense and unforgettably emotional months on the southern Black Sea coast.

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At the center of the event are two friendly families embarking on an exciting summer trip from Sofia to the Black Sea coast. A rainy vacation filled with lots of laughs, little tears, unexpected twists, real friendship and lots of love. At first, each of the characters has their own individual problems, but after many fun adventures at sea, they come back even more cohesive and more altered than ever. Friends discover that the dreamy 5-star luxury is actually unimportant, because the most valuable thing is to have people close to you with whom to welcome the joys and tribulations of life.

The leading roles in the main cast are: Nencho Balabanov, Lyuben Kanev, Elena Atanasova, Sofia Marinkova, Yoanna Nacheva, Sylvester Velyachki, Nelly Monezhikova, Lyubomir Bachvarov, Alex Ivanov and Peter Kalchev. Also participating: Dimitar Banenkin, Yavor Borisov, Eleni Decidis, Mirela Karabancheva, Alexandria Chalovski, Lyubomir Dimitrov, Stefan Georgiev, Alec Churchich, Khaled Kangush, Victor Ivanov, Zhivko Sirakov, Monika Ivanova, Tedi Tsvetkova.

"All Inclusive" is a production of Nova Broadcasting Group and its executive producer is Hidalgo Productions. Directors are Boya Harizanova and Todor Nikolov, with screenwriter Ivan Angelov. The script team also includes Zlatina Nestorova, Plamen Velkovski, Sabina Ivanova and Dobromir Baichev. The eponymous song from the series "All Inclusive" is performed by two of the actors in the TV series - screen couple Nencho Balabanov and Elena Atanasova. The music and the arrangement are the work of Mario Baltadzhiev and the lyrics are of Ivan Angelov.

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